Mindfulness is the cultivation of paying attention to each moment, equally receiving whatever it brings.


Psychotherapy based upon this ancient practice of awareness is closely aligned with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Its power lies in addressing distorted perceptions and thinking which can lead to emotional reactivity, and at times regretful behavior.

Whether learning to tolerate unpleasant feelings, or difficult life events, mindfulness helps steady and focus the mind, alter actual brain physiology, and decrease reactivity to inner states or external circumstances. You’ll feel better equipped to respond to your life, experience less suffering.

Psychotherapy outcome studies agree that the therapist-client connection is the most important element for change. My own long-term mindfulness practice has created an inner calm and spaciousness, allowing insights to arise. This significantly increases my ability to be deeply present with you. When I’m not distracted by external events or internal processes, I’m giving 100% of my attention to understanding your experience.

I’m available to bring my decades of psychotherapeutic and spiritual practices to help transform your suffering into vitality. I’ll feel honored helping you make the changes you want.

“I wanted you to know I feel profoundly lucky I found you when I did. I learned so much from you about myself and anxiety, I know I am a much better person and parent today for having spent time with you. When I first met with you I felt like a shell of a person and had a marriage that made me miserable. Now I feel I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum. Our family life is really wonderful. I have a great relationship with my husband.”

S. G., 46 year old female