Instructions For Starting Your Video Session

To begin your video session, click on Enter your name on the screen, then click. You’ll then be in a virtual waiting room. Dr Levine will join you there.

This HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine platform only works with Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers, on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, phone. Please have your phone nearby in case of a technical glitch. If that happens, Dr Levine will call you (no caller I.D. will show).

Ensure your camera and audio are activated. It’s helpful if you’re “well-lit” with natural or artificial light so your facial expressions are easy to view. Following these instructions will enhance the experience of having therapy via video-chat.

“Dr. Levine does powerful work…From an HIV+ man afraid to disclose, to a woman beset by inexplicably unresponsive physical symptoms, I’ve watched in wonder as their health and life considerably improved during their work with Josie. As a busy M.D., I’ve found her to be an invaluable asset to my practice.”

Mary Romeyn, M.D.