To maximize the benefits of therapy, it’s most effective to schedule weekly 50 minute appointments. Biweekly, monthly or irregularly scheduled appointments are also possible. All appointments are via telehealth only.

The agreed-upon appointment is saved for you every week. If you can’t make an ongoing scheduled appointment, please cancel or reschedule promptly. 48 hours-2 business days notice is required to avoid paying for the session missed.

Please print and fill out the client intake formclient agreement form, and the client self-pay form. Please return before our first session via my encrypted email

Read my social media policy; I’ll be happy to discuss any points with you.

“Dr. Levine does powerful work…From an HIV+ man afraid to disclose, to a woman beset by inexplicably unresponsive physical symptoms, I’ve watched in wonder as their health and life considerably improved during their work with Josie. As a busy M.D., I’ve found her to be an invaluable asset to my practice.”

Mary Romeyn, M.D.