“I just feel in a fog, I can’t think straight, have no energy or focus”.

Do you frequently feel profoundly sad, missing him/her? Some of the deepest pain is the loss of a loved one. Human or pet, how much they meant to us determines the depth of the void they leave. Yet, endings are inevitable…a Tibetan saying is ‘every meeting has a parting’. Have you been brought to your knees with grief, your days suddenly non-productive and left wondering if you’ll ever get back to ‘normal’ again?

The loss of big hopes or dreams for our life can leave us feeling aimless. Our own, or a beloved’s, body or mind declining due to illness or aging can be frightening. Loss is universal, no-one is exempt.

Do you wonder at times how you’ll you go on without them?

It’s natural to have feelings of emptiness or loneliness during grief. Maybe you just can’t get on with your life. Find it difficult to be alone or maybe you don’t have the energy to be with others. Perhaps you’ve turned to food, drinking or drugs for ‘comfort’.

Grieving is a normal psychological process of coming to terms with how things are. Personally, I’m no stranger to this painful process. Beginning with my father’s death just after my 12th birthday, it took me more than 15 years to fully, finally accept the reality. I’d like it to take far less time for you.

From a place of deep compassion and empathy, I’d feel privileged to be able to help you through your grief and suffering. Let’s talk about your unique circumstances, and how I can help you.

” My daughter was diagnosed with anxiety when she was six. Having learned from you I was able to recognize the anxiety and to talk about it with her. I was able to explain using your example of a runaway train, how anxiety can hijack your thoughts. I feel lucky to be able to help her which I would never have been able to do had it not been for you. Thank you for all that you did for me and all that you do for others.”

D.M., 41 year female