• Are you arguing with your partner?
  • Feel frustrated trying to communicate?
  • Are you dealing with infidelity?

Relationships, personal or professional, are one of the two most important areas in our lives (the other being work). Research indicates that the way our parents relate to us as kids, becomes the ‘default program’ for our future way of relating. An attentive, empathic, nurturing parent(s) will raise a child who relates in that way. For those raised by different role models, it can be a struggle to engage or sustain healthy, functional relationships.

Repetitive arguments between couples can be damaging, reinforcing negative feelings and patterns. They can be a symptom of something else going on. My years of experience working with couples helps you get to the real issues safely and speedily, resulting in feeling close to each other again. Some ways this is achieved are by learning to listen deeply to the other rather than focusing on your reply or next point. Being less reactive to the other person gives perspective on the issue at hand, just a tad more objectivity. And a tendency to personalize what the other is saying makes it much harder to respond clearly to the issue.

Infidelity brings betrayal. It’s possible to heal afterwards, even forgive, reconnect and deepen your relationship if both commit to the process. The road isn’t necessarily comfortable, but neither is feeling betrayed, or being the betrayer. It does take time, research on this indicates an average of 3 or so years to fully move beyond. Some crucial elements to healing are transparency for re-building trust, being trustworthy, patience and forgiveness. All of which I’m available to help you cultivate. Let your most important relationship have a renaissance, it’s worth it for all you’ve both invested in it!

If you’ve despaired of reducing the frequency or intensity of your disagreements, improving your communications or moving on from infidelity, the good news is that it’s all possible! I welcome the opportunity to help you acquire the skills cultivating the relationship you desire.

Hear Josie explain 4 simple points for better communication.


“I was having a lot of difficulty in my marriage and suffering from depression and anxiety. After more than a year of therapy with you I was ready to give it a go on my own. Soon after my marriage and life began to blossom into what I can only describe as a very happily normal. I still utilize skills I learned from you to manage it on a daily basis.”

B. M., 39 year old male